Runsana Community Standards

Effective Date: April 1, 2021

Welcome to Runsana.

Being part of the Runsana community is a commitment to respect: we respect ourselves, we respect the others, we respect the rules, and we respect the venues and the environment. Respect is key to ensuring that everyone has a good time within our community. The following code of conduct describes how we make it happen and what we expect from our members.

Remember, we are all here to have a good time.

Respect yourself

  • Keep yourself safe - use good judgement and consider the risks of your activities before getting started. Use common sense, stay in control, and do not put yourself in danger.
  • Listen to your body - besides ensuring that your general health condition is appropriate for the activity you are engaging in, also ensure that you rest and recover during and after any activity as per your body’s needs. Take rest days as required to avoid injury and burnout.
  • Remember that all experiences in life are better when you are well rested – you can be more present and enjoy the moment and football makes no exception.
  • Wear the right equipment- chances of injury during a game are reduced dramatically if the right equipment is worn:
    - Wear the right shoes, suitable for the surface you’re playing on;
    - Use shin-pads and ankle protection.
  • Warm-up - Perform a warm-up before playing – a proper warm-up prepares your body for the activity ahead.
  • Stay in control of your privacy - You have control over what you share on Runsana and with the community during the in-person events. Choose to share only the information you are comfortable with.

Respect the others

  • Be kind and play fair - respect your team-mates and opponents and respect the rules of the game. Also make sure everyone is involved in the game. This is key to ensuring everyone enjoys the game.
  • We take offensive, abusive, or aggressive language and behaviour very seriously. As such we would seek to ban from the community any member that engages in such behaviour or language.
  • Be on time - please make an effort to be on time and not disrupt the game.
  • Win or lose with dignity - whether you have won or lost, it is not going to make any difference to your life in the long term.
  • Accept the difference in skill - someone’s lack of skill is down to a lack of talent or practice; getting angry with them or not involving them in the game will not fix these problems and it will only ruin the game for everyone.
  • Get to know your own teammates and the other players and you will realize that generally, like you, the other players are just looking to have some fun playing football.
  • Be kind online, too – treat the others with kindness and empathy on the mobile platform also.
  • Be inclusive & do not use hate speech - hate speech is a direct attack based on race, ethnicity, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, sex, gender, serious disease, disability and body type. We do not tolerate hate speech and may remove from the platform the players who exhibit such behaviour (online or offline).

Respect the rules, the venues & the environment

  • Respect the rules of the game – football is fun partly due to the fact that there are rules that constrict what can be done during the game. Let us respect the rules and keep the game fun for everyone.
  • Respect the environment & the venues – Do not ruin the experience for others or yourself. Treat the environment, public & private property with care. Do not damage venue property and please take your trash with you if there is no appropriate place for it. If you have caused the loss of a ball due to unnecessary reasons, expect to pay for it to be replaced. Let us take care of the places that allow us to play this wonderful sport.

Thank you and enjoy the game!