If you wish to withdraw funds from your Runsana wallet please use the mobile app and go to Profile / Wallet / Withdrawal Request or send us an email at

Please note that there is a transaction fee applied for withdrawals. In accordance to our policy, we will recover all the transaction fees paid for the amount you’re looking to withdraw (including the fees paid during the top-up process for the amount withdrawn).

The transaction fee is charged by the payment gateway (Stripe) when you top up your wallet, and not by Runsana. This is the commission paid to the payment gateway for providing a secure environment to complete your transaction. According to their policy, this fee is not refundable.

The transaction fees are dependent on the amount and on the type of card utilised and can be reviewed on the payment gateway’s web page.

All withdrawals are processed to the same payment method that the initial top-up has been made. We do not transfer funds to other bank accounts for security reasons.